Are you struggling with anxiety and stress related to your research? In the video below, Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal shares her experiences with stress and how we need to change our perspective thereof.

BLogUCT’s size-and-shape strategy commits it to becoming a research-intensive institution, where postgraduate students make up 40% of the student body. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Danie Visser explains the university’s research plans and ambitions. (more…)

If you spend more time sneakily reading that bestseller rather than journal articles and books related to your research, or like me, happen to be pursuing research related to literature, then this post is for you. Calling all bibliophiles. This weekend, the African and South African publishing world will descend on Cape Town for the annual South African Book Fair at the CTICC. Here is your chance to rub shoulders with some of your favourite local authors and their publishers. Follow the link below for more about the event, as well as the programme.

Book Fair Programme

SA book fair 2SA book fair

The PhD journey can PhD Journey 1be an extremely isolated one, and students are often not aware of all the various resources at their disposal. If you have recently started your PhD and have felt this disillusionment, then take note.

Hosted annually by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED), the workshop aims to introduce first year PhD students to various resources available at UCT, as well as to provide a platform for students to build supportive relationships with peers. This year will see the assembly of the Careers Service, ICTS, UCT Libraries, The writing Centre, Doctoral Degrees Board, International Academic Programs Office (IAPO), Postgraduate Centre and Funding Office and Postgraduate Literacies. (more…)

Writing Centre

Research Commons Librarian, Amina Adam, with Writing Centre consultant, Ilse Groenewald.

Building on the library’s strategic plan to foster and maintain collaborative relations with key stakeholders across campus in support of research, the Research Commons is elated to announce its latest collaboration with the UCT Writing Centre. This collaborative effort will see the Writing Centre making themselves available to postgraduate students for consultations in the Research Commons, encouraging and enforcing their motto of good writing practices. This will serve the need for further support for the postgraduate student body as well as forging the way for both the Research Commons and the Writing Centre to be a prominent partner for research at UCT.

Writing Centre consultant Ilse Groenewald will be availing herself to students in the Research Commons Seminar room weekly, on Fridays from 9:00 – 13:00. Struggling to write that proposal, reworking a chapter, need a fresh eye to peruse your writing… we can assist. See the brochure below for the online booking procedure.

Writing Centre Brochure

If you are interested in using a reference manager for the write up of your thesis, then click on the link below. UCT libraries’ experienced librarians have compiled this comparative table, to assist you with making the decision of which reference manager to use. In the link below is the “must know’s” of the 3 most commonly used reference managers at UCT. Have a look and see which of these meet your research requirements.Endnote Mendeley Ref works

Bibliographic Management Tools