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The Importance of Research

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writing-hand-silhouetteThe importance of proper research cannot be understated. Methodology and samples must be maintained consistently for research and science of all kinds to progress. It is not only there to prove the truth, but also in fact make sure we know what is not true. Leann Zarah has more to say on the matter.

Endnote Sessions Next Week

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1379512453571Are you looking to learn how to use Endnote, and what advantages it might offer over similar programs like Refworks? Then look no further! The Health Sciences Library is offering two Endnote sessions next week on the 22nd and 23rd of August! Find out more here!

UCT Famelab!

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FameLab poster-1UCT Students one and all, who are interested in Astronomy and Science in general should check out UCT’s Fame Lab event! UCT has a slew of young scientists compete and present a topic in just three minutes~

29 August 2017
Venue: Sport Science Institute, Newlands
• 16h30-17h00 Welcome drinks
• 17h00-17h15 Welcome
• 17h15-18h15 Finalists present
• 18h15-18h35 Invited Speaker: Prof. Thomas Jarrett Topic: Visualizing Big Data Science
• 18h40-18h50 Winner announced
•18h50 Closing by Prof Phakeng (DVC of Research & Internationalisation)
• 19h00 Cocktail dinner

Please RSVP to by 21 August as space is limited and for catering purposes.

Savvy Research Series: Semester the 2nd

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Covering various topics that feed into the research cycle, from academic writing to literature reviews, and bibliometrics, the Savvy workshops are essential in supporting research at all levels. The second semester of the Savvy Researcher Workshop Series will be starting on Thursday 17 August and take place every Thursday for the rest of the semester. For more information on individual sessions and booking procedures, see the programme below:

For full descriptions of each workshop see:

17 August – What the library can do for you?

24 August – Funding for your Postgraduate studies

31 August – Academic Writing Skills for Postgraduates

07 September – What is a Literature Review?

14 September – Systematic Reviews

05 October – An introduction to EndNote for Windows

12 October – An introduction to EndNote for Mac users

19 October – An introduction to Refworks

26 October – Bibliometrics

02 November – Finding government statistics and  finding on-line government information


Please note that bookings and queries are administered by Dumisa Dlodlo (

Academic Writing – Troubled Waters

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ink-1582152_1280Keeping your head above the water in the ocean of text with the eddies of prose and verbiage all threatening to inflate your brain just a little too much today; it’s important to take note of how to swim, so to speak. Learning to write, and what methods may help with writing is incredibly important in an academic setting at any level. Helen Sword has more to say on the matter of such vessels.

Google Suite Services

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oYkAxyQM_400x400Did you know, that as a UCT student you have access to a whole host of services from Google? Now, you might think “Oh but I already have a Gmail account! I can already use Google Drive! Well, if you’re using your UCT student account to log in – you get 10TB of space rather than the usual few gigabytes! This plus a whole host of other google services is available to you as a student – all to make your life easier. See more here.

Open Access: How it improves research

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Many an hour has been spent by a student or academic on research. Many an hour has ALSO been spent on such sites as Wikipedia, although said students and academics will never admit to have been anywhere near them in their research. However there is slowly becoming a better option online – Open Access articles. Articles with free open access (see, it’s in the name!) to anyone who has the ability to go online. This kind of Open Scholarship is good for academics everywhere, as well as the public. The Atlantic has more to say on the subject.

Grammar, punctuation, and the oxford comma

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If your to do list today consists of taking Grandma out to the shops, home affairs and write your thesis, many of us may be wondering where these two shops are, why your grandma might be interested in them, and when did home affairs start selling things? The answer to this is of course the fact that those are three separate items on your list, but you missed the most controversial little piece of grammar: The oxford comma. So before you dedicate your thesis to your parents, Coffee and Madiba – you should consider whether Madiba and Coffee are your actual parents, or if you really meant your parents, coffee, and Madiba! Video is to the left!


A heartfelt congratulations to UCT Libraries’ very own Jayarani Raju on the publication of her research! More information below the cut.


No Seriously: Plagiarism is bad

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In an academic setting you’ve heard this time and time again, from the moment you’ve entered University to the end of your masters: Don’t copy other people’s work, seriously. It is our responsibility to maintain original thought, and make sure those around us are too. Video to the left.