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Backfired Arguments

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Often times when talking to others in every day life you may find yourself correcting someone on a small (or even large) fact, however, how you do it matters, according to Matthew Wills of Jstor. The backfire effect is something to keep in mind as we engage with others in debate and discussion in our new information age – sometimes simply being correct is not enough.

Even Google can lead you astray

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When perusing for papers, scouring for sources or finding features to add to your latest bit of cutting edge research it’s important to remind yourself just how fallible our most trusted finding tools can be. Even Google, especially with it’s ‘featured answers’ feature, can lead you astray. It’s incredibly important to check your sources and make sure they are backed up themselves by research and peer review. Vox has more to say on the matter here:

What is eResearch?

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To many researchers out there research is a set of methodologies that you apply when gathering and interpreting data out in the physical world. But in the busy modern world with so much data available online, with connections to many millions of people on earth, there are other options for research too. Chido Mbambe has more to say on the subject here.


To all those Savvy Researchers!

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Here in the research commons the Savvy Researcher series of workshops is well underway! With insight into insight, and references to Refworks, the topics covered have been valuable at helping our librarians and researchers become their very best!

“But Zera!” I hear you cry, “Just how can I benefit if I missed out?”. Well my dear researcher, we save each and every workshop’s presentation on our Libguide! Just one click away and you too can see what our Savvy presentations have been like: Enjoy!