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oYkAxyQM_400x400Did you know, that as a UCT student you have access to a whole host of services from Google? Now, you might think “Oh but I already have a Gmail account! I can already use Google Drive! Well, if you’re using your UCT student account to log in – you get 10TB of space rather than the usual few gigabytes! This plus a whole host of other google services is available to you as a student – all to make your life easier. See more here.

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Many an hour has been spent by a student or academic on research. Many an hour has ALSO been spent on such sites as Wikipedia, although said students and academics will never admit to have been anywhere near them in their research. However there is slowly becoming a better option online – Open Access articles. Articles with free open access (see, it’s in the name!) to anyone who has the ability to go online. This kind of Open Scholarship is good for academics everywhere, as well as the public. The Atlantic has more to say on the subject.

UCT Libraries YouTube Channel

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youtubeAre you new to UCT and have questions about using the Library? Perhaps you’ve been here for a while and would like to learn more about UCT Libraries and using the resources properly… Have a look at our YouTube channel for training videos and hit play on your library education!

EBSCOhostWant to learn more about using EBSCOhost and the eBooks on their platform? Mandisa Lakheni from EBSCO will be facilitating a session about the EBSCOhost Databases and about accessing and using eBooks host of the EBSCO platform. Please come along with any questions about the access and use of any of their products if you have any uncertainties.

Date: Thursday 1 June 2017
Time: 08h30 – 10h30
Venue: Ulwazi Training Room (Knowledge Commons)

No Seriously: Plagiarism is bad

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In an academic setting you’ve heard this time and time again, from the moment you’ve entered University to the end of your masters: Don’t copy other people’s work, seriously. It is our responsibility to maintain original thought, and make sure those around us are too. Video to the left.

Even Google can lead you astray

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When perusing for papers, scouring for sources or finding features to add to your latest bit of cutting edge research it’s important to remind yourself just how fallible our most trusted finding tools can be. Even Google, especially with it’s ‘featured answers’ feature, can lead you astray. It’s incredibly important to check your sources and make sure they are backed up themselves by research and peer review. Vox has more to say on the matter here:

What is eResearch?

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To many researchers out there research is a set of methodologies that you apply when gathering and interpreting data out in the physical world. But in the busy modern world with so much data available online, with connections to many millions of people on earth, there are other options for research too. Chido Mbambe has more to say on the subject here.


Here in the research commons the Savvy Researcher series of workshops is well underway! With insight into insight, and references to Refworks, the topics covered have been valuable at helping our librarians and researchers become their very best!

“But Zera!” I hear you cry, “Just how can I benefit if I missed out?”. Well my dear researcher, we save each and every workshop’s presentation on our Libguide! Just one click away and you too can see what our Savvy presentations have been like: Enjoy!


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kudos_butterfly_324x80Kudos is a web based service that helps researchers maximize the impact of their papers.  It provides a platform for assembling and creating information to help search filtering, for sharing information to drive discovery, and for measuring and monitoring the effect of these activities. Kudos is freely available to researchers, assisting with increasing article usage and citations.


With the September thesis submission date looming, many students are preparing their thesis for hand-in. If you are one of them, have a look at the how-to-videos below to help you insert a table of contents  as well as to add page numbers to your thesis document.