ICTS introduces NVivo software to campus

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ICTS has procured NVivo for Windows and Mac and it is now available to the staff and students of UCT.

NVivo is available for download in the Downloads section of the ICTS website. You can also borrow the install disks from the ICTS Front Office. Take your staff or student card and a R20 deposit to the Front Office in order to borrow the disks.

What is NVivo?

NVivo is a powerful qualitative data analysis tool, with features that provide functionality far beyond that of the average statistics package. Rather than simple number-crunching, qualitative analysis is about managing, shaping and making sense of seemingly unstructured data. NVivo facilitates this analysis, producing trends and enabling the construction and demonstration of hypotheses.

Features include:

  • handling of multiple file formats including Word documents, PDFs, pictures, database tables, spreadsheets, audio files, videos, social media data and web pages
  • powerful query tools and automated analysis features
  • mobile data collection on multiple mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet
  • visualisation tools such as charts, maps and models for displaying connections, ideas and findings
  • a transcription service through which you can order transcripts of audio and video files from within NVivo

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