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In the modern academic environment, postgraduate students and early career academics are continuously pushed toward publishing. This drive to publish, often makes them easy targets for vanity press publishers and can do irreparable harm to the prospective academic career. If you are in the process of finishing off your studies and are considering publishing any part of your thesis, make sure that you are not taken in by the promises and sweet nothings of a vanity publisher.

The warning signs of the vanity press publisher and what to look out for:

–          Paying for the publication of your article.

–          Publication on the condition that you buy a copy of the book or pay for any part of the publication process like                  typesetting, layout etc. A reputable publisher would not request that of the author.

–          There will often be no peer review process required and no quality control during the publication process.

–          Signing over copyright of your work to the publisher.

For more information on Vanity Publishers, click here.

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Elsevier, in collaboration with University of Cape Town, are pleased to invite you to attend an Author Seminar “Strategies to increase the quality and the impact of scientific publications”. (more…)

UCT has acquired a campus wide site licence for EndNote, which is currently one of the most popular reference management tools available. Staff and students can use this software to find, store, create, save and share online information resources.

You can now install EndNote for free on a laptop or desktop. Simply navigate the downloads section of the ICTS website or borrow a copy from the ICTS Front Office. Remember to take along a R20 deposit and your staff or student card. Once installed, you can sync it to all your devices and access your library wherever you are.

Visit ICTS’ EndNote webpage for more information about the benefits and to access the available user documentation.Endnote


ICTS has procured NVivo for Windows and Mac and it is now available to the staff and students of UCT.

NVivo is available for download in the Downloads section of the ICTS website. You can also borrow the install disks from the ICTS Front Office. Take your staff or student card and a R20 deposit to the Front Office in order to borrow the disks.

What is NVivo? (more…)

Job hunting and don’t know where to start? This is certainly no rudimentary task. Now that you have graduated and fulfilled the “what” in the old saying, the time for the “who” to come into play, has arisen. The careers service brings you its Career Conversations series. This is a great networking opportunity to meet prospective employers and gain insight into their companies. The series starts on Thursday 24 July with Careers in Consulting with McKinsey & Company.

Have a look at the programme below and make sure to attend talks relevant to you.


There is nothing more exciting than submitting your thesis, and finally letting go of years of blood, sweat and tears. On the other hand, there is also nothing more daunting than the dreaded job hunt and hitting the working wAll-Degreesorld. Fortunately UCT’s careers service offers you all that you need in rising to meet this challenge. Stop by at Jameson Hall on Wednesday 30 July for the All Degree Careers Expo. Also have a look at the second issue of my semester planner below, for all career service updates and workshops.

My Semester Planner 2014

The Savvy Researcher Series brings information professionals and university experts together with postgraduate students to explore topics related to research and academic success. The series aims to attract all Postgraduate students across disciplines.

Postgraduate students are exploring new methods of research, resulting in new forms of digital output, e.g., data sets, blogs, and wikis; the series aims to meet the evolving needs of postgraduates and enhance the continuum of scholarly communication from discovery to delivery through the provision of information resources, services and partnerships.

The Savvy Researcher seminars are held in the Ulwazi Training Room in the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library on Thursday afternoons from 15h00-16h30. (more…)

Are you struggling with anxiety and stress related to your research? In the video below, Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal shares her experiences with stress and how we need to change our perspective thereof.

BLogUCT’s size-and-shape strategy commits it to becoming a research-intensive institution, where postgraduate students make up 40% of the student body. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Danie Visser explains the university’s research plans and ambitions. (more…)

If you spend more time sneakily reading that bestseller rather than journal articles and books related to your research, or like me, happen to be pursuing research related to literature, then this post is for you. Calling all bibliophiles. This weekend, the African and South African publishing world will descend on Cape Town for the annual South African Book Fair at the CTICC. Here is your chance to rub shoulders with some of your favourite local authors and their publishers. Follow the link below for more about the event, as well as the programme.

Book Fair Programme

SA book fair 2SA book fair