Research Week Day 1

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Danie Visser at Research Week.

Professor Danie Visser (Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, UCT) talks at the beginning of Research Week.

Monday morning 12 May saw the opening of Research Week hosted by our very own UCT Libraries and the UCT Post-Graduate Centre, and marks the inception of what will confidently be an annual event of this kind. Born out of the Library’s strategic plan to foster and maintain collaborative relationships with key stakeholders in support of research, the Research Week will offer various talks and panel discussions for post-graduate students ranging from research ethics, open scholarship to publication.

The event was opened by UCT Libraries Executive-Director Gwenda Thomas and Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research, Danie Visser. Prof Wieland Gevers and Prof Valerie Mizrahi kicked off the talks with a discussion around Research and Publication in South Africa.

As part of the open agenda, which will commence on Friday 16 May, the library has created a Research Tree to elicit research struggles from attendees. This will allow for discussion about common difficulties within the post-graduate experience. A number of research posters are also on display and will be judged on Thursday 15 May, when authors will be presenting their research. Feel free to stop by and have a look at the posters on display as well as interact with the researchers.

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All photos by Jen Eidelman.

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