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Last week saw the conclusion of the much anticipated Research Week at UCT Libraries. With lively discussion and workshops on various aspects of the postgraduate experience, it was definitely the place to be. If you have missed any of the sessions and would like to get your hands on the presentations, please follow the links below:

Author Workshop – Session 1
Session 1 – Author Workshop, Emerald

Official Opening – Session 2

Session 2 – Official Opening, A. Prof Shay

Session 2 – Official Opening, Prof le Roex

eResearch – Session 3

Session 3 – eResearch

Undergraduate Research Support – Session 4

Session 4 – Student Presentation 1, Robyn Swannack

Session 4 – Student Presentation 2, Buhle Manana

Session 4 – Student Presentation 3, Alastair Rohrer

Session 4 – Student Presentation 4, Simon Hazell

Session 4 – Student Presentation 5, Simon Lee

Session 4 – Student Presentation 6, Amy Booth

Ethics and Copyright in Research – Session 5

Session 5 – Ethics and Copyright in Research, Dr McLaughlin

Session 5 – Ethics and Copyright in Research, Dr Schonwetter

Positioning yourself as a Research Leader – Session 6

Session 6 – Positioning Yourself as a Rsearch Leader, Thomson Reuters

In addition to the presentation, Thomas Reuters have provided some training links that may be of interest:

Guides and factsheet


General information

Research Support Services – Session 7

Session 7 – Research Support Services, Mrs Claassen

Session 7 – Research Support Services, Ms Adam

Session 7 – Research Support Services, Ms Steele

Session 7 – Research Support Services, Mr Pietersen

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