Soudien on Libraries and Revolution

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Crain Soudien addressing LISC Conference attendees

It’s crucial for the South African university to bring itself to acknowledge that there is “outstanding business, business that is not even on the agenda” in terms of excluded knowledge systems, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Crain Soudien argued in an address about how a university should position itself in the information age.

Libraries were at the heart of this dilemma, he told delegates at LISC 75, the Library and Information Studies Centre’s 75 years commemoration conference on 27 November.“How you begin to project this information revolution is not only about big data, but also about big data that we’ve lost and never come to terms with. So you, as the frontline in some ways, of how information is come to, are in a pivotal position. I really appeal to you to help us become better at what we are doing.” (more…)