The Chinese Publisher SCIRP (Scientific Research Publishing): A Publishing Empire Built on Junk Science

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Another day, another report of a junk science article published by China-based publisher Scientific Research Publishing, or SCIRP. This publisher specializes in publishing junk cosmology and junk physics, but with this article, the publisher is branching out into junk medical science, specifically AIDS denialism.
The article is entitled “Basic Principles Underlying Human Physiology” [1], and you don’t have to be a scientist to know that it’s junk, for it is a manifestation of AIDS denialism. The conclusion’s first paragraph says,

HIV is not etiologically involved in AIDS. It is just a common retrovirus found in AIDS conjuncturally. There is only AIDS that may not be strictly associated neither to a primary immune deficiency nor to an acquired immune deficiency. Actually, heart failure represents the causal factor of AIDS and many other “primary” immune deficiencies (p. 1821).

The article is indexed in Google Scholar, of course.

The article has a single reference, and it’s to a 2007 article by the same author (Pavel) in a subscription journal that’s indexed by EBSCO.

The publisher SCIRP has a comment feature (Disqus) at the end of each article it publishes, and I have been told that comments left after this article questioning its scientific integrity have been deleted.

The article says that HIV does not cause AIDS, yet the article is branded as a scientific article. This means it’s a threat to the public health, for it could lead to HIV transmission by anyone believing the paper’s conclusions. It’s immoral for SCIRP to publish such rubbish.

The author, Pavel, is currently sending out unsolicited emails to researchers in Europe, promoting the article.
Logos of the Empire?

The SCIRP Empire

China-based Scientific Research Publishing is a growing empire with four publishing imprints (brands) that I know of, plus one mega-journal that emulates PLOS ONE, publishing in both English and Chinese and with claimed offices in the United States, Canada, and China. The imprints include:

Scientific Research Publishing

Hans Publishers, Inc. (HansPub, 汉斯)

The mega-journal is OA Lib (Open Access Library).

There is also a possible connection between SCIRP and Sophia Publishing Group, based in British Columbia, but this connection is unclear:

Sophia Publishing Group (This is a meta-publisher, or platform, with the following two journal imprints):


The 5th Publisher
I realize there may be some strong and honest articles published in SCIRP journals. However, these articles are devalued and stigmatized by association with all the junk science that SCIRP publishes. The authors of the good articles are being victimized by the publisher’s policy of publishing pseudoscientific articles like “Basic Principles Underlying Human Physiology.”

SCIRP only rarely retracts articles, preferring instead to protect the interests of its customers, the paying authors.


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