The vanity press

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In the modern academic environment, postgraduate students and early career academics are continuously pushed toward publishing. This drive to publish, often makes them easy targets for vanity press publishers and can do irreparable harm to the prospective academic career. If you are in the process of finishing off your studies and are considering publishing any part of your thesis, make sure that you are not taken in by the promises and sweet nothings of a vanity publisher.

The warning signs of the vanity press publisher and what to look out for:

–          Paying for the publication of your article.

–          Publication on the condition that you buy a copy of the book or pay for any part of the publication process like                  typesetting, layout etc. A reputable publisher would not request that of the author.

–          There will often be no peer review process required and no quality control during the publication process.

–          Signing over copyright of your work to the publisher.

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